Additional Educational Needs

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Additional Educational Needs


In this programme, the Foundation will give priority to the funding of learning support across the ability spectrum, from those with special educational needs to those who are gifted and talented.

This could include:

  • The provision of additional study or learning opportunities on a one to one basis or in small classes for those with special needs such as dyslexia,dyspraxia or speech impediments.
  • The provision of support for applicants to receive basic literacy training to improve their opportunities to gain employment.
  • The provision of learning support equipment and materials to schools and training establishments.
  • The funding of special educational needs (SEN) assessments.
  • The provision of additional study, equipment or books to those showing exceptional ability such as in music or sport.

Preference will be given to projects where the applicant can demonstrate that a measurable difference will result and where the applicant is willing to pass that benefit on to others either directly or through a Foundation alumni programme.

A fund in memory of Emma Anne-Marie Anderson will award a small grant each year specifically for those struggling with dyslexia for support that is unavailable within the National Curriculum. This will be assessed within the Additional Needs programme.


This programme will receive applications from adults who are supporting young people to access education. It is to contribute toward specialist additional training such as SpLD qualifications, therapeutic training and similar. The application must be for training which will improve how they provide their support. Preference will be given to applicants offering the support in the voluntary or state sector.




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25th May 2021

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2nd June 2021

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