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Guidelines & Criteria

The Foundation awards grants to individuals roughly across programmes; Additional Educational Needs and Vocational Educational and Training. In addition the Trustees make a number of annual Special Projects Awards. The guidelines on this page relate to applications under any programme except for the age ranges which are different for the special project awards. They want the grants to be effective; supporting an applicant where lack of funding is likely to be the main barrier to success. Grants will be awarded to those in the greatest financial, mental or physical need.

Schools applying for the Inspiring Young Minds Programme should adhere to the guidelines published alongside the application form - please register via the APPLY NOW buttons on each page.

Individuals who may wish to apply for a grant include: school children aged 5 to 18 years, students, clergy, teaching staff, teaching assistants, young people who are unemployed or in jail. Those over the age of 25 years should only apply if their application is related to the teaching of those under 25 years old.

Young people under the age of 25 may only apply if they are resident or have undertaken their secondary education in either Counties of Kent or East Sussex. This does not include London Boroughs and does include the Medway Towns. Those over 25 may only apply if they are resident or intend to teach in Kent or East Sussex. This geographical requirement does not apply to ex-Bedgebury School pupils and their first generation offspring or dependents (foster or kinships placements).

The Trustees are unlikely to award grants for projects that are:

  • Covered by the National Curriculum
  • Mainstream undergraduate/postgraduate fees
  • Are simply travel or living expenditures unrelated to a particular need or project
  • Courses designed for exam cramming
  • To repay debt
  • A replacement of statutory obligations
  • Hardship funding
  • Of no specific educational focus
  • Festivals
  • Easily funded elsewhere

The Trustees are also unlikely to support National Charities, students based overseas, political parties or the general funds of independent schools. The Trustees would prefer projects where payments can be made directly to the provider of goods or services. Retrospective funding will not be given.

Evaluation of application is three stage: shortlisting and funding level standardisation; grant award team evaluation and proposal;and finally board approval, the process takes approximately six weeks from the session closing date. Evaluation gives consideration to relative fit to programme objectives and funds available for distribution. Additional guidance is given as you work through the relevent application form.

If an application is deemed successful the amount awarded will be means tested and scaled based upon household income compared to the Minimum Income Standard households with more than double the minimum income standard are unlikely to be made an award. For example, for a family of two adults and two primary school children if household income is above £70,000.

Projects will only be supported if its underlying principles are consistent with the teachings of the Church of England. Where fit to our programme criteria is considered equal priority will be shown to those who have an association with Bedgebury School and to dependent children of Church of England clergy.

The total award to any individual is unlikely to exceed £10,000 (in aggregate) over a maximum of three years. The third year will require a new application.




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Applications for the spring session will close as follows

Programme for Individuals

25th May 2021

Inspiring Young Minds for schools

OPEN for 25th May close



Teacher and Trainer Programme

2nd June 2021

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