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Bedgebury Foundation is delighted to announce the awards made under the Inspiring Young Minds 2015. The charity received many applications for worthwhile projects and those selected to receive award best met the programme criteria and gave awards across STEM, Music and SpLD.

Project Name


Silver Dale Academy

A 5 day workshop involving 90 year 6 producing films about issues that affect them particularly transitioning to secondary school, to be played to parents and secondary staff and children to raise awareness

Ridge View School

Installation of a play tower. Children can climb, slide and relax in the hut. Includes play panel, algebra sorting game, telescope and two speak funnels connected underground.

Find a Voice (Charity)

Outreach work in schools for children with speech and language difficulties

St. Catherine's School

To supplement a new STOMP unit of work by booking visiting workshops from the cast members, purchasing new equipment to set up an after school club and visiting the show in London.

Ark Helenswood

Nano Biological Art Works. The project will link Art and Science. Students in Year 7 link  abstract images from biology such as electron micrographs to produce a Art/Science gallery.

Roselands and Stafford Federation

Setting up sensory and "Thrive" rooms to provide a space where the Thrive trained practitioners can work with pupils with complex emotional needs/ learning difficulties who cannot learn in the classroom without support.

Langey Primary School.

An innovative music programme from East Sussex Music for Children using music as a vehicle to support the development of speech and language to improve readiness for primary school.

Wadhurst CEP

Providing children (and parents) in school with opportunities to actively engage with classical music through listening to and performing with professional musicians.

Priory School

Focussed Music Therapy Interventions for students with a qualified Therapist - Removing barriers to education

Ark William Parker Academy

Identifying pupils at risk of Dysclaculia across two large secondary schools, providing interventions to those at risk and tracking and monitoring progress to ensure success in numeracy.

Seaford Primary School

Development of outdoor space to create a sensory environment to support children with ASC and /or sensory processing difficulties so they can mange the mainstream school environment better.

Bexhill College

World music community project workshops from college students to students with severe and profound learning disabilities

Hurst Green

A collaborative singing project between 2 primary schools, resulting in a joint concert. The pupils in one school have had limited access to music teaching and would be supported by the other school.


Bedgebury Foundation has supported a variety of individuals under the Additional Needs programme.

  • Fees to enable adults to obtain the relevant certification to teach children with dyslexia and other additional needs where they intend to use this in the voluntary or state sector.
  • Tuition fees for a 15 year old who has Aspergers and excels at languages. With our financial support she is able to study her chosen language Japanese.
  • One-to-one tuition to help with school children and young adults with dyslexia or other learning difficulties to achieve GCSE or NVQ qualifications.
  • Educational and Psychological assessments
  • Special glasses and other tools directly associated with learning
  • Specifically tailored field trips for children with BEHD
  • Providing funding for primary school children with additional needs to receive tuition in small groups.

Additional Needs for those demonstrating and evidencing excellence in a particular area.

  • Instrument maintenance
  • Additional music lessons and singing lessons.
  • Drama tuition

Bedgebury Foundation have supported a variety of activities under the Vocational Needs programme.

  • Tuition fees, assessment fees, clothing & equipment while at vocational college
  • Life skills training .
  • Tools to be used in apprenticeships and vocational training.
  • Training for Offenders who want to pass on their experience to young people on their release through teaching literacy and therapeutic writing.
  • Training for school workers who will set up Christian clubs and activities in local schools.
  • Training in Outdoor Pursuits to work with disadvantaged youth.
  • Training in Dramatic Arts, Wood Crafting, Physical Fitness Teaching



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15 October 2019

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